Historical Sites of Chicago

Visiting Chicago is one of the most memorable moment in a lifetime. Although Chicago looks like a huge city filled with buildings and skyscrapers, it hides its beauty through all the historical sites around the states. There are many things to do in Chicago and there are many historical sites to visit. You can watch the youtube below to see what are the historical sites that can be seen in Chicago.

Chicago Union Station is called to be the most historic station in  Chicago. This is originally was built to for the citizens to enjoy travel whether going in and out of the world. This created a good history in the world of transportation.

Chicago Water Tower is one of the landmark that is built in the center of Chicago. This was established in 1869 as one of the wonders in Chicago but eventually helped travelers when they are lost. Sometimes going around the city is confusing.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home is one of the most excellent time of house his time. He built the house in 1889 and became the best architectural buildings in those days. It is regarded as famous because it became a pattern of buildings in Chicago, may bit be big or small.

Jane Adams Hull House-Museum is one of the most exotic house-museum in the world. This paved the way to historic arts and culture development of the natives and foreigners visiting the nation

Chicago’s Cloud Gate makes the city so popular in the United States since no other city has this kind of sculpture. It is called cloud gate is perhaps it mirrors the sky and projects also the cityscape.

Graceland Cemetery is one of the most historic cemetery in the world.